Crowdlending Deutschland & Schweiz (Crowdfunding Kredite)

Swiss Crowdlending: Peer-to-peer lending in Switzerland, Germany & Austria

In English: "On a peer-to-peer lending platform, investors and borrowers come together, agree upon the terms of a loan and enter into a contract together, all online. Banks are removed from the equation - no more expensive middleman is needed. Cost savings end up back in the hands of the participants. For borrowers, this means lower interest rates and for investors, increased return on investment. The number of peer-to-peer borrowers and investors in Switzerland increases exponentially by 100% every year, and this trend is revolutionizing the current banking environment." (..) "Peer to peer, or 'p2p' loans are arranged between two individuals (peers), without involving a bank. The investor determines which borrower(s) to finance and they determine their targeted return on investment. Borrowers quickly and effortlessly receive their loan, at an interest rate well below what a bank would charge. (..)" – LEND, Switzerlend AG Zürich

P2P Loan & P2P Lending (Crowdlending)

En Français: "Pour le Crowdlending, le P2P-Lending et le Social Lending misez sur le pionnier et profitez de la plus innovative plateforme Crowdlending de Suisse - entièrement automatisée et avec des possibilités attrayantes pour les emprunteurs et les investisseurs." Nous sommes leader sur le marché et nous vous soutenons dans votre projet avec notre longue expérience." – Cashare AG, Suisse


Private Kreditgeber & Darlehen

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✅ Kredit von Privat
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✅ Crowdlending
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Peer-to-Peer-Kredit Plattform & Marketplace Lending Kredite

ist eine online Kredit-von-Privat Plattform für Privatpersonen, die einen Privatkredit suchen

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