Marketplace Lending Peer to Peer Lending, Crowdfunding, Consumer Credit Lending, Micro-Financing (Alternative Finance)

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Alternative Finance Categories - financing models | Alternative Finanzierungsformen

Defining a constantly evolving and rapidly growing sector, such as MPL, is not an easy task, as platforms are aggressively seeking to come up with new ways of funding and to carve out new niches. Therefore, MPL goes by many different names and has many different meanings. For example, U.S. investors usually use the term “marketplace lending” whereas European investors would prefer “crowdfunding” or “P2P lending”. Considering the fact that nearly 65 percent2 of capital in MPL came from institutional lenders, “Peer-to-Peer” has become a misnomer and hence “Marketplace Lending” is a more suitable term.

HJCO Capital Partners classifies MPL as a subcategory of Alternative Finance, which is divided into three categories: Marketplace Lending, Crowdfunding, and Micro Lending (see Figure 2). They have one thing in common: Financing is arranged through a platform and those providing capital know where their capital finally arrives. The platform is therefore a facilitator or an intermediary. Marketplace lending is the process by which investors (both individuals and institutions) lend money online, usually to individuals or to SMEs, without the use of traditional financial intermediaries such as banks.

Crowdfunding is a method used to raise monetary contributions from a large number of people to support a specific project or a business rather than to provide individuals with loans as done by MPL. Historically, crowd-funding has been used for political campaigns, disaster relief, governmental support, and public projects. More recently, it refers to equity-based crowdfunding, reward-based crowdfunding, or donation-based crowdfunding through sophisticated online platforms. Investors that invest through reward-based and donation-based crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo usually receive the finished product, gifts, or discounts instead of return on equity, compared to those who invest via equity-based crowdfunding platforms (e.g., Crowdcube and Syndicate Room).

Micro Lending or Micro-Financing specifically refers to the financial help to low-income households in poverty areas and countries that do not have well-developed banking systems. Many of these loans are used to help finance medical bills, small businesses, education, and agricultural development. The most popular micro-lending institution in the U.S. is Kiva.
As stated above, MPL keeps evolving and its model has expanded to various credit spectra, including the invoice financing3 (e.g., Market Invoice and Platform Black), student loans refinancing (SoFi and Upstart), mortgage loans (LendInvest), auto loans, and healthcare financing. Nevertheless, this study will focus on unsecured consumer credit (non-student) loans and business loans due to their more attractive risk premium and well-developed lending models.

Alternative Finance: Marketplace Lending Peer to Peer Lending, Crowdfunding, Consumer Credit Lending, Micro-Financing

HJCO Capital Partners. "Alternative Finance Categories." In WHEN FINANCE MEETS INTERNET - The Marketplace Lending Industry, 7-8. Netherlands, 2016. PDF.

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Crowdinvesting Alternative für Startups KMU. Lohnende Alternativen zum Bankkredit. Alternative P2P Lending Finanzierung für KMU (Kleine und mittlere Unternehmen).

Wikipedia: Alternative financial services (Poverty industry, Loan shark, Overdraft protection loans, Payday loan, Refund anticipation loan, Settlement finance, Title loan, Usury, Mortgage discrimination, Securitization, Debt bondage, Debt of developing countries, Informal value transfer system, Guarantor Loan..) and Alternative finance (Bitcoin, Monero, Crowdfunding, Equity crowdfunding, Peer-to-peer lending, Social impact bond..)

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The Marketplace Lending Revolution: Revolution or evolution?
Marketplace lending is often described as a revolutionary innovation, and it is certainly true that the model appeals to entrepreneurs and the technologically savvy, in particular. However, it might be said that marketplace lending is in fact evolutionary, rather than revolutionary – it is doing essentially what banks were established to do – but using the tools and methods that have become part of everyday life in developed economies worldwide over the last two decades. It is no secret (or surprise) that these platforms have been established by innovators – entrepreneurial thinkers certainly – but also former employees of the very banks and financial services agencies these new platforms are attempting to displace. In fact, Charles Moldow, CEO of Foundation Capital, one of the key investors in Lending Club, explains that "marketplace lending is not a radical concept – it’s a more efficient one".* At its core, marketplace lending is a simple concept – whereby the savings from greater levels of efficiency are used to fund better interest rates for borrowers and investors, while these efficiencies allow for healthy profit margins for the platforms themselves. On this point, very few of the top platforms are actually posting a profit, focusing on growing the business to achieve scale, but this is something that is likely to change as more borrowers and investors adopt the marketplace model.

* Charles Moldow, A Trillion Dollar Market By the People, For the People: How Marketplace Lending Will Remake Banking As We Know It (Foundation Capital, 2014)
Source: Costello, Vicky. "The P2P Threat to Retail Banking - The Marketplace Lending Revolution." The Marketplace Lending Revolution - A Lafferty Group White Paper, May 2015, 2.

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