FIG - Die neue Videospiele-Crowdfunding-Plattform

Gefragt 26, Aug 2015 in Crowdfunding / Schwarmfinanzierung Allgemein von Crowdlending Kredit

Videospiele spezialisierte Crowdfunding-Plattform FIG (Entwicklerstudio Double Fine)


FIG (Englisch):

Fig is a curated platform for funding and developing games with the direct support of passionate players like you. Our platform brings together rewards-based crowdfunding and investing to create a more balanced and sustainable approach to game development.

By launching a Fig campaign, game studios can combine these two powerful methods of raising funds while retaining creative control and offering fans new ways to get involved. By supporting a campaign, fans journey with each studio as they go from development to launch (and beyond), all while gaining real insights and transparency into the business of making games.

Together we can grow the games ecosystem, inspire new community-informed, investor-backed titles, and provide a creative platform for studios to bring their ideas to the people who matter the most -- their fans.


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